Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Process Explorer - DLL Inspection

 I've been working with a DLL I got that doesn't have very great documentation. After trying a couple different things (ILSPy, and custom python to load and print callable functions) and all failing, I asked the great chatGPT. It suggested Process Explorer. 

I started my application, then searched for the DLL. Once I found the DLL, I was able to right-click and examine it's properties. This loaded a window with two tabs, Image and Strings. To be honest, I'm not sure off the bat what those mean, and the data on each tab seemed to be the same as the other at quick glance, but I was able to find functions I knew existed along side functions that I was not aware of. 

Exercise caution when calling any undocumented functions in your DLL, they may produce undesirable or event irreversible results.

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