Friday, March 26, 2010

Flash Builder 4 / Flex 4 - Where did the icon property go?


In previous versions of Flex (when using Halo), it was simple to add an icon to a button. But now with the Spark theming, there is no such convenience. I went in search of a solution online and after much digging where others had written custom components and so on, I found a solution posted by Adobe and its incredibly simple.

Just create a new theme extending the Spark button skin, and then make two line replacements. Instead of me reexplaining it, just read it on Adobe's website.

Good luck.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Strange "Connection closed by" in log files every minute

Recently I had been installing different types of software to help me track my server. Some days after doing this however, my server started reporting a strange message in the log files.

The following would show up in my logs with a different GUID and  timestamp of course on one minute intervals.
Mar 15 13:03:27 server 1 sshd[16979]: Connection closed by

To solve this mystery I began trying to think of the possibilities of what it could be. What had I just installed that would be doing this? My memory sucks and I couldn't remember, so I began looking through the web to see if anyone had any solutions. A coworker of mine suggested using a netstat command ("netstat -lep --tcp") to see what services were running and which ones were newly installed on my server. I went through and turned off the services one at a time until I found the culprit. Monit had been installed some days earlier but the configuration file had errored out producing the message above in my log. Stopping the service ("/sbin/service monit stop"), the error no longer appeared in the log file. With some fixing, I am sure the wrongs in the Monit config file could be made right, but for now I am just going to keep it off.

Hope this helps someone else with the same issue. Good luck.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Problems starting Dimdim 4.5 Open Source

When trying to install Dimdim 4.5 CentOS RPM on my CentOS 5.4 server, I had to modify several files to get things to work in addition to the standard installation instructions.

Starting dimdim displayed several errors when starting up. It would work just fine except for sharing documents. This always produced the error: 'The document conversion failed with error: document id generation failed.'. Looking closer to the start up errors and doing some google searching I finally figured out how to get documents to upload and display.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/", line 7, in
from document_manager.slidedeck import CSlidedeck
File "/usr/local/dimdim-4.5/Mediaserver/mods/document_manager/", line 22, in
from engine import exportEngine
File "/usr/local/dimdim-4.5/Mediaserver/mods/document_manager/", line 34, in
import uno
File "/opt/meeting/lib/python2.5/", line 33, in
import pyuno
SystemError: dynamic module not initialized properly
Revert my openoffice 3.1 back to openoffice 3.0. Significant changes between the version of open office cause issues with calling required modules. You can use yum to remove the current openoffice rpm (will be several rpms).

You can find the rpm for open office 3.0 here.

You will need to gunzip and tar the file to unpack it. Once you have done that you can follow the directions here to install them.

Restart dimdim.