Monday, June 5, 2023

Nanlite USB-C DMX Cable Instead of Aputure USB-C/ DMX Cable?

Out of curiosity, and because they are nearly half the price of the Aputure USB-C/DMX cable, I really wanted to know if the Nanlite USB-C/DMX cable would work as a suitable replacement for the Aputure USB-C/DMX cable. After getting zero information from both Nanlite and US retailers (uh-hem... B&H), I decided to purchase one to see if the similar looking Nanlite cable would work instead. Here is what I found.

Unfortunately, the Nanlite USB-C/DMX cable uses D+/D- and GND to transmit DMX data, so it sadly is not compatible with the Aputure USB-C/DMX cable which uses A10/A11 (and B10/B11) and GND.