Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Laravel 3: Unlimited routing arguments

I was working on a project in Laravel when I realized I really wanted to have 1 route rule for a specific controller but be able to allow a lot of different arguments.

I found that I could use func_get_args() in conjunction with the static Controller::call() method to handle an unlimited number of arguments to the receiving controller method.

Route::any('users/(:any?)/(:any?)/(:any?)', array(
        'as' => 'users', 
            $args = func_get_args();
            if (empty($args)){
                $action = 'index';
                $action = array_shift($args);
            return Controller::call("users@{$action}", $args);

There is one caveat to this solution, and that is that you have to specify all the possible captures in the Route URL rule although extra captures are ignored.

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