Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adobe AIR: Getting HTML Source on MX HTML Component

I decided to write a tool that would aggregate data from web sites as one surfs the web, kind of like a browser with some extra functionality. It soon became apparent that the <mx:HTML> component didn't have a simple "source" property where I could see all the HTML from the website.

It turned out to be a simple task. The HTML component has a property which allows you to access the HTMLLoader object associated with the component. The HTMLLoader object has direct DOM access using Psuedo DOM objects (basically basic objects with a couple preset properties called Nodes and NodeLists). Many of the JavaScript dom functions exist in this representation and will work just fine.

For example:

Using the last one along with the innerHTML property, we can get the source of the body element.


I'm sure you could get the entire document source if you wanted to examine the page head, etc. But these weren't useful for me.

Good luck!

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