Friday, December 6, 2019

Blackboard LTI Payload Does Not Include lis_result_sourcedid

When examining an LTI payload created by Blackboard with outcomes or scoring enabled. The POST LTI payload has an lis_outcome_service_url but no lis_result_sourcedid.

This one is a silly one that has got me a time or two before. What I have found is that the user launching the LTI activity does not have a Student role in the class.

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Cay Horstmann said...

With Blackboard Ultra, the behavior seems a little different. The lis_result_sourcedid is omitted if the assignment is not added to the gradebook. That's actually reasonable, but Google led me here because I hadn't done that. But once you do that, lis_result_sourcedid is sent even for the Instructor role. (And another fun must enable "Allow configured tool providers to post marks" in Administrator/LTI/Global Properties".)