Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fedora 15/16 Fails to Load GUI after Started SYSV on VM

I'm running a Fedora distribution on VirtualBox on my PC and really like working with Fedora, however recently I found that Fedora would halt loading the GUI without errors and the last thing it said was Started SYSV.

Remove NVidia Drivers and/or restore nouveau following the steps listed here. If you do not have nvidia drivers, you can delete the xorg.conf (or back it up) and continue to force dracut.

I didn't have any idea why this happened initially, so here are the steps I took to figure it out. I could boot into recovery mode just fine, and I could switch to another text terminal (using CTRL + ALT + F2 or any F-key). I logged in with root and switched to run level 3 (/sbin/init 3). This worked fine, so I tried starting Xorg and it failed telling me an error with NVidia.

Following the steps in this blog solved my problem, hopefully it can solve yours too.

NOTE: In one of my tests, I was able to get a similar error but it was not NVidia related. I deleted my xorg.conf as is specified in the blog I link to and force dracut. When booting up, the system loaded the GUI and provided an error message forcing me to logout. Once I had done so, I was able to login and everything worked perfectly.

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