Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trixbox 2.8 Adding Repo Addons Breaks GUI

After installing Trixbox 2.8 on my Oracle VirtualBox, I was playing around and enabled the Trixbox Addons repo under Settings > Repositories. Upon refresh my it was apparent that my GUI had been destroyed and I was seeing HTML and a little bit of JavaScript. I began searching for a clue.

Trixbox GUI disappeared upon adding the Addons Repository.

Thanks to some forums, the answer was simple enough.

Open the following file for editing:

Go to line 137 and past the following line of code:

if(!isset($_SESSION['trixbox_template'])){ $_SESSION['trixbox_template'] = 'default';}

So the file reads as follows:

// Template Chooser
if(!isset($_SESSION['trixbox_template'])){ $_SESSION['trixbox_template'] = 'default';}
//setSession('templateChoice', 'trixbox_template', $sessionFile);

It appears that updating the repos causes the theme to break by removing the theme currently set in the session. The errors listed by httpd involved missing a slue of css/skin files.