Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fixing the CW Player

My wife and I enjoy watching shows on the CW TV but have recently found that we began being greeted with the player showing a screen saying it was updating the player.

Tech Talk: The player they use is called the Move Media Player. It is a program that you have to have specifically installed on your computer to play video content from CW site as well as many other websites. It does have some tracking software that helps them track you across several websites, but doesn't expose your personal information or data.

After trying many different scenerios with several browsers and uninstalling reinstalling the Move Media Player found in the installed programs list on Window Vista or XP. I was finally able to diagnose some of the problem and figure out a solution. Uninstall the Move Media Player from your computer (Start -> Control Panel->Uninstall a program [on Windows Vista/ similar on Windows XP]). Once you have removed the Move Media Player, use Internet Explorer and navigate to your shows web page. When the place where video normally shows gives you the option to download and install the Move Media Player, do so. Complete the installation. You shouldn't have to do anything at that point other than wait.

More Information: Google Chrome is not said to be supported at this time, so it most likely wont help you resolve this problem. I originally tried to use Firefox to reinstall the Move Media Player, but continued to trace an error. Firefox did work however when I retried it later. If you have specific questions about this issue, feel free to leave a comment and I will help you the best I can.

Happy television watching.

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