Thursday, July 2, 2009

Windows Bug - Exabytes of Temporary Internet Files

It recently came to my attention when performing a Disk Cleanup, that Windows has begun telling me I have 4.70 EB (fyi 1 Exabyte = 1073741824 GB, I guarantee my laptop only has 120 GB max). When I went to search this out online, I didn't find much online except one other guy's forum posting. I decided to create this post and report on what I find. Looking closer into my temp i-files, the largest file I found, was a 350 MB Photoshop file.

It seems that somehow, one of my files is causing Vista to report incorrectly on space. After running Disk Cleanup Utility, this problem still existed.

I decided to try using Glary Utilities, some great personal tools for computer maintenance and management.

Although, these tools are great and cleared out another couple GBs of wasted space, the problem still exits. I am guessing I will have to do a post later to follow up on this situation. Good luck to anyone looking for a solution, and if you find one, please post me a comment about it. Thanks.

Well it looks like my computer needed a restart.

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