Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shout out to

When discussing film content with Kim, particularly the film Fool's Gold (a horribly-made film, I wasted my time on), we noticed how ratings could not be trusted. Kim and I now have a account (thanks Kim!) and we can watch movies instantly, she was looking for something for us to watch and came across the film, Fool's Gold. She asked me if I had ever seen it and I told her I had, but that it was horrible. Along with the film's lack of any artistic strand, it has a scene where two girls in bikinis remove their tops. Although this scene is short, you can still catch detail of what is going on. This film was given the rating of PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association. I think Kim made a good point when she said this film is not for 14 year-old kids (or older depending on your moral standards).

As it is obvious from this film, and many others, the Motion Picture Association is not doing a very good job rating films. The need for more information is crucial for the public to be aware of a film's content. Fortunately, for those who know about it, there are web sites that can give us more information than a simple PG-13 stamp by some organization. and, both freely give information on a film's contents. gives ratings (0 - 10) for three separate categories, and brief descriptions of why that film got the rating that it did.

I tip my hat and give a shout out to those interested in conserving morals and giving us another way to stay away from the things we don't want to see.


H. said...

First of all, I had no idea that you even had a blog!! Thanks for this great post. I have to admit that some of your other posts are way above my head, but I can relate and fully appreciate these resources.

mikey and kimby said...

You're so wise in your old age. By the way, still jealous of the countries your site gets hit with.

Love ya my BBP